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 Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Guidelines   Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:43 pm

Peaceful Pathways is exactly that:- An online support group for all alike minded people embracing a solitary path in eclectic spirituality or magickal pathway.

This is our peaceful online home, please respect it as such! Here at PP, we encourage ways that work for you whether it be via the old ways of learning or by an entirely new way of learning....

we hope that you will achieve what you wish to achieve and manifest your dreams and desires to do what you wish to do.

is to be a family-friendly group full of true friendships, networking and kinships where friends both old and new can meet and reunite with each other yet still walk their path at the same time.

We work with what we KNOW and research or explore what we don't know but encouraging ourselves to work with Spirit and the higher vibrations that work in the name of LOVE and Light

Those of which are here and exist in energy form to deliver messages on a communicative wavelength of energy to confirm and to assure souls that do believe in the existence of life after death.

We only do this with positive intentions and in no way are we out to cause harm or negativity or doubt or distrust within our hearts and minds....

we only tune in if you give us your permission to do so, and we tune out as well respectively after linking in letting you know when we are tuned out.

Our mission here here to HELP YOU, not hinder you. Therefore do suggest that if you are entering our protected sacred learning place to set aside any negativity or personal vendettas,

and learn to move forward and focus in the present and in the NOW to pave the way forward for the future too.

We work also in the name of PEACE And Harmony to do what sits naturally right with us. We only work with the heightened energy that are helping mankind.

Spammers and Trolls, Psychic Energy Drainers and Spiritual Warfarers out to disrupt the harmony and cause conflict amongst the Staff including Admin

and the lighter vibrations in the site will be deleted and banished from our site and will be asked to leave if situation escalates and becomes problematic. As Life is too short to focus on drama and negativity.

We are not to be seen as in competition with anyone else either or other sites as we are moving forward entirely on our own accord and at our own pace in the way that is naturally right with us.

Ground and Protection in your own way is a good foundation to have on site as well as it keeps YOU safe from any person or energy that seeks to do you harm.

Walk your own paths here and embrace your own calling, go with the flow, where-ever that might take you!

Better to ASK for help if you require it otherwise you will not know until after you've asked!

Practice Readings may be answered and requested by site forums, but we will Private Message these across so that information between Site Reader and Sitter is kept confidential- on a 1-2-1 basis or group setting.

Private Readings can be requested in the correct section as well and same applies. Only if you feel the need to inform Admin WITH Sitter's permission do you do so. Apply Common Sense and ask if unsure!

Energy healing may be offered on site on a 1-2-1 basis or group setting. Offered freely, though, you may request healing prayers in our Healing Ebook of Light section.

Please only put first name for the healing as you know your intention will surround them with love.

Healing may not be replaced for medical treatment. Medical Advice may not be offered on our site. We are not doctors nor professional medics

trained in the field of medicine. Please do not do practice readings on subject of health either as it would not be wise to cause unease within the sitter. Don't offload here either as some folk may not be open to it

and it may give away too much about your situation away.

Any questions - feel free to ASK!
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Forum Guidelines
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