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 The Root Chakra (RED)

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PostSubject: The Root Chakra (RED)   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:38 pm

There are 7 main energy centers as positioned in the body. But all over the body there are at least 114 energy centers if not more chakras dotted around here and there.
Today though, we'll just be concentrating on the main seven chakras starting out with The Root Chakra.

This chakra is often known as the base chakra. It is often also called the center which deals with your survival instincts and courage, strength altitudes of will power, stamina and dexterity.
It is the center of grounding and often if one feels vulnerable this is the chakra to be looked at to clear and cleanse itself in the way that sits naturally right with you.

The chakras colour is Red. RED is the symbol of desire, passion, power, vitality, strength, and its linked to our most indistinctual survival of self.
Whenever we are in a conflict, its our red chakra that gives us the strength and encouragement to see this to the very end, when we stand our ground as and when necessary.

The colour RED also symbolizes personal power, confidence, self-esteem boost, courage, will power, and action or change.

This chakra rotates the slowest on a slower vibrational wavelength unlike the rest do. It is often known as the most stimulating colour which puts most things into perspective.
This colour itself is also the reliant colour, where the energy levels are concerned. It gives you the DRIVE, MOTIVATION, and COURAGE to provide changes in your life.
This root chakra is almost if not always associated with the indistinctive instincts response of knowing when you need to stand your ground or run from it.
It can be connected to the vitality and vibrance of your energy levels.

You can look at the root chakra if you are struggling with feelling sluggish or tired or depleted in your energy levels,
disconnection or distance in your path, by clearing this root chakra it will also help alleviate feelings of depression and also on scattered energy.

If you are drawn to the colour of RED, you would know that it can also be controlling and perhaps a little intimidating
and often associated with a sign of danger, so proceeding with carefully addressed caution must be taken into account.
The root chakra gives you the focus to concentrate on your gifts and spiritual progress, as well is being persistent in action and motivation.
You can use this colour to give clear thoughts and concentration and it will assist in prioritizing tasks as well as balancing certain areas of work.

Work with this chakra only if you feel drawn to do some work with this chakra. Sometimes in handling matters too its almost if not best to be
Aware of anger from other sources that might be yours, knowing when to be passionate about what you do, and when to respect things with appreciation.
It can also be a wave of excitement too, and can link in with determination as well. Bear in mind that certain attributes of this colour will draw up out of the ether
negative attributes such as thinking negatively about your life, closed minded thinking as well as very little focus and concentration.
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The Root Chakra (RED)
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