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 The Heart Center

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PostSubject: The Heart Center   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:40 pm

The Heart Chakra and Center of Self:- perhaps the most important chakra out of the whole seven.

This chakra is the center of love, passion, compassion, warmth, joy and happiness. It is also known as the Anahata. This chakra is the heart of all things where related on your path, bringing with it feelings of love for the self, truth, generosity, and it is also the unifying chakra which unites with the sense of self. When working with the heart center, this is the most centerpoint where ALL of the awareness connects itself through the stream of love.

 Working with this center is all about getting to know yourself and learning alongside yourself but treating things around you with the uptmost care and devotion. Learning to love you for who you are. This sense of self works with relationships and forming bonds amongst each other. The pinnacle of true connection comes from within this chakra.

It allows us to recognize the feelings of kinship and allows us to express the affection between each other - when this chakra is open and freely spinning - others around you know the generosity of what you do and respect that. Genuine people are drawn to you with positive intentions. People come forward to help you more whether it by chance encounter or otherwise. As they feel safe on an empathetic wavelength secure in the knowledge that there is no judgement from you just acceptance and the love that comes from deep within.

If you are a musician or a writer and want to express words from the heart, work with this chakra to open it and sing from your heart. The power of voice in musical terms is extremely lifting and the movement is extremely effective on a sound healing vibrational wave of love.

Be open to love and be open to allowing love to find you as love finds us all particularly when we least expect it to. Love surrounds us in many different forms and is healing from deep within.
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The Heart Center
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