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 A Letter from an Angel Guide

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PostSubject: A Letter from an Angel Guide   Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:58 pm

Today we are surrounded with greater mercies of the written word, established in the book of knowledge as the fountain of wisdom.
We are walking with you and surrounding you in the divinest light possible. We know you need encouragement at this point in time to fulfill
your dreams, desires and magnitude of generosity to help other people in the lifetime of NOW. You are encouraged to do the same so that the world
may tilt on its own axis and surround yourself in the prosperity that this era which is coming to an end may present.

Divine Light is what we work with, with the highest and purest intention that is generated. We do not work with the lower energies or those that seek
to do irrepareable harm to you. We do send healing that's true out to those that need it or ask for it.
We know that many of you have been through hardship, trials and challenges, both with health and we invite in the new energies
that are searching to do good in the world today to help those of you whom are lost, desolate, abandoned by spirit or forgotten. We ask you to look and delve deeper
within the consciousness of the universe to know today that you are LOVED and have been LOVED, you are STILL Loved by the consciousness of the Spiritual World.
Know in your heart's heart of hearts that you are loved and may truth enlighten you on your quest to fulfill your mission to spread joy, peacefulness and positive vibrations
to trust those with the graciousness of your heart so that you can too spread the joy and happier feelings this christmas.

This time of year has lost its spirit, but you can bring it back by making a difference in someone's life. Know that truth and by living in the truth that is one step forward
to working with the light. Trust, and gaining trust from genuine people that work to make a difference in someone else's dark reality is bringing goodness to one's soul
on a consciousness that sets us forward in motion onto the journey that we treasure the most. Take not fear in my words, but mark them as what you truly want to do.

Be sure on your intention when you step forward onto this path. KNOW yourself and your intention BEFORE you work with others.

Share the love, joy, truth and be a worker of the light. Help them, not hinder them for then you will begin to start afresh with a new outlook on life and your reality as you know it.
We as the archangels know that sometimes you can be dragged down with the struggle, pain, heartache and loss of other peoples' gain....
but in reality this is a learning curve for you to find your own true self and light. For in some aspect, we are all searching to find those that are present in our lives
to teach us something on our path or learn from others what not to do when working with other people.

Healing energies is being sent out to ALL That join this site........may you protect, cherish and love your friendships that help you to blossom on your path.
Grow in the name of LOVE and light and be the person you truly want to be, rather than changed in a way that you do not like to see yourself as being changed.

For you have made a bold movement to step forward in the unique path that's right for you. Go forward with courage and speed and focus on it so that the seed of growth
can be manifested and dreamed about for many years to come.
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A Letter from an Angel Guide
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