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 Amethyst tumblestone

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PostSubject: Amethyst tumblestone   Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:59 pm


Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal/stone that is highly protective in terms of energy.
An extremely great stone for use in gridwork where it is able to be placed against clear quartz
and it does indeed amplify the protective energies of either stone if asked to do so.
Amethyst is a channelling stone and through its consciousness; messages may also be delivered.
Amethyst allows you to know when someone is checking your energy too, a good stone to have handy beside the computer.
Amethyst used to be known to be used as a cure back in the day for alcoholism and for keeping the mindset clear and conscise
of thoughts and energy vibrations. It is known for working with the third eye and has inner vision to see exactly where you are going next.

Amethyst also works with the higher self and Vera Cruz Amethyst if placed opposite the room entrance to which you are working in can
Draw in the financial energies that's needed to enhance your business or working project.
Amethyst can work just as well as Vera Cruz Amethyst if the intention is present and the stone is asked to do that.
It is a natural healing crystal as well with many accessible wisdom, it can assist in healing the matrix too to be placed where much needed stress on the grid of the earth,
but must be remembered to be picked up after finished working with it lest you find yourself hoovering it up.
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Amethyst tumblestone
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