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 Visualizing Waterfall Meditation of Clearing The Aura

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PostSubject: Visualizing Waterfall Meditation of Clearing The Aura   Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:36 pm

Sit yourself down in a quiet and comfortable position in your awareness/mind.... and take a deep breath in and out just to relax yourself and the senses within.
Relax by breathing out and in a couple of times before clearing your mind to visualize a beautiful waterfall of your choosing. It can be any waterfall in the world that you are drawn to. It could also be a make up believable waterfall that you are visualizing to do this exercise. Either way, it ought to be one you feel connected to. Ground if you feel the need to and protect also if you feel the need to do so.

Visualize yourself standing staring at this waterfall. It is so consciously beautiful and full of divine and healing light;
that it just is highly in vibration and positive intention. Watch yourself take a step forward into this relaxing and truly gentle but soothing waterfall.

Listen as the currents and tide pours all over you and feel it spilling over you in every pore, the stronger movement of natural water energy pushing away the old, draining energy within the aura and sweeping clear the negativity, the emotional energy that consists of doubt, fear, indecision, conflict, energy hooks and cords that are interlinked with your aura.

Visualize the veil of water descending down into your crown chakra spilling forth in and over you, entering your aura also at this point and simply enjoy the distinct healing energy that is clearing your aura and sweeping away all the negative heavily weighted energy there. Spend as long as you feel drawn to need within this waterfall. It is perfectly safe sacred space. You can also invite your healing guides if you wish into the meditation simply by asking them to enter into your meditation. And TRUST they will be there.

When finished, give thanks to the waterfall energies for helping you with this today.

You should feel happily cleared now almost to the point of light & airy feelings within.
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Visualizing Waterfall Meditation of Clearing The Aura
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