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 The Wolf Totem

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PostSubject: The Wolf Totem   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:25 pm

Wolves are family orientated. Many people with this totem are able to approach their lifestyles and find their sure footing with the insight, wisdom and teachings of this totem.

If you find wolf totem stepping forward on your journey as a guide; know that he is coming forward to help you find your utmost and inner most dream or desire to fulfill your passions and find your purpose in this life.

His energetic teachings teach us to know when to look forward and focus on the future rather than on the past, or present. And with his support, we are able to move forward and motivate ourselves into finding our own momentum, footsteps, with the path that we are on. Consistency perhaps is vital to continue the path that we are on - in managing to help other people to the best of our ability, where-ever the help is needed.

The spirit of the wolf is also known as the pathfinder, the teacher, healer, guide and friend. He is someone who we can rely on and trust in our own instincts to the best of our 0wn ability, unlike the owl who has the ability to see in the dark, wolf knows and can alert our senses in direction of the home, family, and all within the network of our soul family too.

Wolf at the time of a new venture will aid us in bringing us wisdom to share our learnings, experiences and teachings with others. Journey with wolf if you are looking for a new purposes or fulfillment of truth and a new direction.
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The Wolf Totem
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