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 The Owl Totem

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PostSubject: The Owl Totem   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:26 pm

The Owl is a very observant totem to have with you by your side on your journey. Owls are very wise and are often the symbol for wisdom. Knowledgeable in their hidden depths, this totem has been known to surface when the need arises or when there's hidden wisdom at stake. In stealth mode; often the bird itself surveys the scenary for a chance to hone in on some poor unsuspecting source of sustence which would energise its appetite for the next flight.
However owls as a totem represent courage, wisdom,  and unfathomable knowledge.

People with this totem by their side are unable to be deceived as Owl alerts you to the mind games that other people play that may bring with them feelings of distrust, deception and deceit. Folk with this totem are very intuitive, allowing their inner vision and inner focus to guide them forward to the new chapter of their everyday life. The owl also represents changes are happening in your reality, bringing with it the flight of movement on a speedy process.

Owls can see in the dark which also brings the existence of the unknown into the equation. When you journey with Owl as your totem, you will be able to see through the dark and venture out onto the other side where the light has arisen. You will find that owl's medicine will help you slice through illusions and banish any disillusion from your mind and self-awareness and progression. People with this totem also feel the need for discernment and have the capability of looking beyond people's intentions on an empathetic basis of energy.
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The Owl Totem
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