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 The Ladybird

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PostSubject: The Ladybird   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:28 pm

The ladybird represents changes; both seasonal changes and ordinary changes.
 It also suggests the cycle of transformation which can bring luck and abundance energetically.

If a ladybird is your totem, you would be accessing a whole new world of possibilities. Ladybirds have the wisdom
also to teach us about past lives lessons and how to learn from them, how to cut the tie and move on from them.
Ladybirds are the key to upliftment in learning from a childlike perspsective of new things and creative pursuits.
Ladybirds are also a power symbol of good times gone by, it also provides extra protection for the shell around the body.
And works as a shield against negativity too.

When ladybirds appear in your life, it can resonate with good luck, good fortune, times of abundance.
The time to focus partly in the now rather than the past. And only delve into the past if you really need to.
Ladybird will take you on meditation journeys as well if you ask her energy to do so, guiding you through travelling
into the astral realm as well as the physical. Ladybird provides a new sense of TRUST in the universe and faith in yourselves.
Also assures us the chance to take time out to scent the roses as well as consciously step back from the negative and the egotistic conscious mindset
of self-awareness, in providing you directional avenue and teachings of where you wish to go forward in your lives.

Fear does not exist where Joy resides. So when ladybird appears you know for sure its time to cut out the negativity,
stay true to yourself and your paths. Learn to let go and not fear the unknown, but embrace it indiviually.
As Ladybird's teachings speak of renewal, rebirth, and letting go of worries and negative thoughts to think of positive solutions.
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The Ladybird
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