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 Letting Go - Shifting Empathy Emotions

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PostSubject: Letting Go - Shifting Empathy Emotions   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:35 pm

Letting Go and Release Of Deeper Emotion  With Aid Of Candles

The first stage

Visualize or Replicate a image of the candle you wish to use in your mind/inner vision.
Know that it can be thin, large, little, small, whatever shape or size you wish for it to be.
As this exercise was shown to me, I used a weeping candle because they melt quickly.
What I used was a white candle which was thin in size, like a table light candle.
I asked for all the emotional energy that I was feeling - ranging from -
the doubt, fear, ego, the tears, negative intention, mind and emotional games, disillusionment
and the maliciousness prospect of gossip, spite in nature to go into this candle.

Bless it with positive intention to say: I would like for this candle to be bathed in beautiful white light straight from the source to cleanse, purify and clear away the recess of emotion, to shift it and disperse it into the ether so that it can be cleared and cleansed and healed with universal celestial light.

Second Stage

When visualizing the negative energy envision it as streaky blemishes in the candle. Now envision that candle to be lit by yourself and your matches, lighter or whatever it is you use to make the flame. When that flame burns away the wax, it spirals outwards and shifts the emotion within you. As the candle weeps its way through the wax, it burns away the emotional ties and cords around you, shifting what's needed to be shifted in your channels. As the candle weeps furthermore right down past the end of itself,  so only the embers of the candle are still going, watch as even the embers themselves fizzle out and fizzles out into smoke. By this point, your channels and energy will be clear, freed of all disillusion and the negativity is banished from your awareness.
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Letting Go - Shifting Empathy Emotions
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