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 The Broomstick Way - Clearing Chakras

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PostSubject: The Broomstick Way - Clearing Chakras   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:36 pm

A new way of clearing your chakras... and energy centers....
This is a real handy way of clearing your energy centers, particularly if you are on the earth centered, pagan path.

Take a few breaths in and out to relax yourself from the tension or stressful energies you may have picked up on a regular daily basis. Find a place in the mind where you feel comfortable enough to work. It can be at the forefront of your mind or at the back, but either way, where-ever you feel genuinely at peace within your mind/awareness, sit yourself down and begin to relax. Find a natural rhythm with your breathing............... and......... Focus on wiggling your toes to remove the stress or tension from them, when ready, ask for your toes and the soles of your feet to start to relax, when ready, move your focus to the soles of your feet, and ask them to relax, carrying on breathing while doing so........ ask them too to relax, so that you can start to enjoy your journey....... move your inner focus to the shins.............. ask them to relax to release the tension or tightness within the shins, do the same with the legs..........hips...............derriere.......ask for them all to relax and let go of the tensions that you may have picked up day to day, carrying on breathing in, and out, picking up the gentle but natural momentum, now move your focus onto the upper body, focusing on the area where your stomach is.....ask for it to relax and release any conflicting energy that may be causing tension for it. ... move on to the chest........ breathing in slowly but surely every so now and then...............ask for the chest to relax.........and then move your focus onto your face, where you continue to breathe in and out relaxing all the way, move your focus up to your third eye and ask for it to relax..........and then up to your temples...............where stress energies collect, so focus on this area for duration of a few minutes and ask for them to relax furthermore onto your head...............where again continue breathing but ask for any tension or conflicting energy to be let go of so that you are properly relaxed and can ensure you are free to continue this journey into a visualization exercise for clearing the chakras.

Envision the besom - a minature version of the besom - broomstick... visualize it inside the middle of the root chakra.... the red chakra.... also known as the base chakra.... visualize it as stationary at first waiting for your instruction inside this chakra.... now ask for it to sweep away any further negativity or negative vibrations from its energy center, making sure that all hindering energy, such as energy that isn't meant to be there is swept away inside your center, the old energy may appear as black or grey energy, but be mindful that this does not mean to say its negative. Bear in mind that this may be done at a gradual but slow speed, as the base chakra is often the slowest of vibrational chakras, but you can visualize it then being swept away into a white dustpan so that you know for sure that all is being swept away indefinitely, visualize this chakra becoming clearer as all the dust of the old energy is being swept away and cleared, balanced.... ask for the space that is now free from the old vibrational that have now left your chakra space to be filled with love and universal white healing light that is pure and heightened in peaceful energy.

When finished with this chakra, move onto the sacral chakra............visualize the orange broomstick as stationary as it waits poised for your instruction....... ask for this broomstick to clear and sweep away any further negative emotional energy that is collected in the sacral chakra......ask for it to sweep away any doubt, fear, grief, sadness, distrust, dishonor, ego, guilt, regret, heartache, or anything that would seek to hinder your progress on the path, spiritually. This broom may start at a gradual to moderate pace to clear away any old energetical vibrations, which is swept away until you feel free of old emotional energy. When the broom is finished, it becomes stationary yet again. Do this as many times until you begin to feel clearer. Then you can ask for the orange light or colour of this chakra to fill the chakra with harmonious and peaceful energies that is positive to fill the space where the old has left.

When finished with the sacral chakra, do the same for the solar plexus chakra..................this is the center of where you trust your gut.... and store all of your bottled emotions if you worry a lot............. so again visualize the yellowy gold broomstick as stationary, as it waits poised for your instruction, ask for this broomstick to clear away all of your worries, bottled feelings, confusion, doubt, fears, pressure, stress, nervousness, vulnerableness, or any feeling that is deemed negative........or any negative vibration that should not be in your chakras............... ask for this golden handled broomstick to sweep it all away, so that you generally feel clearer for another day.........when this broomstick is stationary again........visualize the beautiful yellowy golden bright white light to fill this chakra, so as to fill all the space that the old has vacated with love and joy, happiness and positivity, so as to ensure that it is cleared and balanced.

When finished with this solar plexus chakra, do the same for the heart chakra............... this is the center of the heart.........where you listen to your inner self and trust in your intuition, and surround your self with love...........where you learn to love yourself and as well as others.......... this is the love that attracts the relationships.........and friendships......
So.....visualize the broomstick this time as pink or green.......both healing colours associated with the heart center..........envision this broomstick sweeping away all old feelings and any heartache, losses, grief, abandonment, loneliness, confusion........ bewilderment, puzzlement, envision this broomstick sweeping away ALL negative vibrations from this heart center........ and picture the PINK OR GREEN healing light fillled your heart center, so as to fill the space that the old has vacated........

Repeat this method of clearing with your Throat Chakra, whose colour is Blue, The Third Eye Chakra whose colour is Purple and the Crown Chakra whose colour is WHITE. Speed of broomsticks may vary depending on the chakra spinning - could be either fast or slow depending on how much clearing your chakra needs doing. When finished, thank the magickal broomstick for clearing your chakras and you should be happily cleared and free to continue your journey today.
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The Broomstick Way - Clearing Chakras
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