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 Angel Number 7

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PostSubject: Angel Number 7    Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:32 pm

The number seven is connected to the divine feminine consciousness meaing that its attributes focus on overcoming obstacles and taking advantage of certain situations.
From the focus of the number seven, you can feel more focused with the success of overcoming these obstacles that have proved themselves to be challenges for the soul.
Number 7 relates and vibrates to the awareness of spirit, bringing with it a sense of self-expression, the freedom to enlighten ourselves and discover our inner truths on our paths.

7's energy ask you to make a wish about your path and assures you to trust in the direction of your journey, for after all, its not about the approach of your journey but for you to relax
and enjoy the path as it gets you to where you are going. 7 also brings in the course of enlightenment and illumination, guidance for all.

If you are seeing or given the number 7, it means you are on the right path, and you are being asked by your angelic helpers to keep up the good work so that you can reap the fruitful
endeavors and harvest the universal rewards as to what you have already sown in the past and present stage of your journey.

Seven also attributes to enhancing your spiritual journey and spiritual work, in whichever path of your choice. Seven encourages you to continue as your angel team of helpers are giving
you the confirmation of GO FOR IT to do what your heart has desired perhaps from the very first point of change within our journey. It is a good number energetically.
The number seven encourages faith and provides us the purpose to motivate others into leading a positive perspective on the way of life in doing what naturally sits right with you.

It also suggests that you are on the right mission for your soul's consciousness at this point in time and you are stepping up into the role of healing, learning, and teaching others as well
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Angel Number 7
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